Thursday, April 9, 2015

Announcing the 2015 best kitchen design winner

A remodel for an AIA awarding winning house by Gordon Rodgers was the inspiration for this kitchen. The new homeowner is a gourmet cook who needed ample counter space and professional appliances. The architecture of the home is an open floor plan with an exposed wood structure. No real walls to use for upper cabinetry. Allan and I talked about the type of wood I felt was appropriate for this space. He found an existing log of rosewood and sliced the veneers at his shop. All grain matched plain sliced rosewood. gorgeous!

Read the entire article in Woodworking Network -  ”HERE”

Sunday, March 1, 2015

designing for the desert

I am often asked why I incorporate color in my designs as opposed to using a monochromatic pallet of white or beige. I have always believed that the desert offers a great backdrop for color. The natural desert flora has a plethora of vivid and intense colors that I like to incorporate in my designs.Whether it is the yellow you find in brittle bush acacia or mesquite flowers, the orange in desert mallow or purples you find in Texas sage and desert willow, each locale and site offers its own unique colorations.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kids rooms for sleeping playing and dreaming

Kids spaces can be fun and dynamic without spending a lot of money. Designing rooms that will grow with your children is important so your child is not stuck in a 5 year old's room when they are 12.

This playroom sports chairs made from seatbelts

A teenagers room can be sophisticated and functional. The red band of wallpaper from Lori Weitzner doubles as a magnetic pin board.Art, pictures and reminder notes can be easily accessed and displayed without damaging the walls with push pins and tape.

 Each child's room should represent the child's individual interests. In this case butterflies and seashells. Art by Christopher Marley showcases beautiful iridescent butterflies and shells.

The Scheherazade room doubles as a stage with a disco ball or a private retreat for sleepovers.The draperies made from Indian saris create an extra room for the grand reveal of the latest musical production.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Oakcreek private outdoor resort

Interior designer Elizabeth Rosensteel created a  recycled glass countertop to emulate the creek that runs past this incredible property . 2″ thick and 20 feet  long  it becomes “water frozen in time” says Rosensteel.

Elizabeth Rosensteel interior designer photography
Custom steel by Metal Works, Scottsdale, Arizona
Outdoor personal resort in Oak Creek Arizona

Paradise Valley Frank Lloyd Wright house

One of the nicest homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Paradise Valley, Arizona
as a former principal and interior designer for Taliesin Architects.  I love being able to see these details in person.

Harold Price Home, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Christopher Marley

Butterfly and shell collection

“MY CHIEF OBJECTIVE in working with obscure organisms is to foster a deeper appreciation for the masterful design found everywhere in the natural world”
Christopher Marley known for his innovative  artistic  collections of insects creates designs with rare butterflies, beetles and even snakes. Showcased in a child’s bedroom designed by interior designer Elizabeth Rosensteel are several collections of butterflies and shells. private residence in Paradise Valley Arizona